TraumaCad® provides orthopedic surgeons with digital tools to perform preoperative planning and allows simulating the expected results prior to surgery.

The procedure-oriented application includes an extensive digital template library and offers a full set of wizards and measurement tools. Included with TraumaCad are Hip, Knee, Deformity, Pediatric, Upper Limb, Spine, Foot and Ankle, and Trauma planning modules.

Using digital images on-screen, you can perform measurements, fix prostheses, simulate osteotomies, and visualize fracture reductions.

Traumacad Benefits
  • Available in a new mobile version, click here to learn more
  • Precise and accurate
  • Predict component size and configuration
  • Increase confidence by digitally planning complex procedures
  • Demonstrate the procedure to patients
  • Always up to date implant library
  • Help control costs - reduce film printing and assist with inventory management

Key Features
TraumaCad Mobile

Moving forward with the latest technologies, TraumaCad is now available in a cutting edge mobile version as an iPad® app, or via web browser on your PC or Mac®. TraumaCad Mobile will allow you to plan Total Hip Replacement quickly and easily, using only a few simple gestures. Click here to learn more

Automatic Procedures

Automatic detection of anatomical regions in the image allows doctors to save valuable time for planning Total Hip Replacement, deformity correction and Taylor Spatial Frame.

Web Access

Access TraumaCad through Quentry image sharing wherever you are. Quentry, a cloud-based network by Brainlab, provides a secure environment to access, control, and share diagnostic images as well as JPEG, PDF and DOC files.

Accurate Calibration

Accurately calibrate images and measure patient anatomy easily using the automatic detection of KingMark and VoyantMark calibration devices.

Template Effortlessly

Easily place and manipulate implants from TraumaCad templates library. The library is automatically updated, typically every month and is based on over 2,500 implant families. Learn more about the library here.

Measurement Tools

Use over 70 common measurement tools and automatic wizards, specifically designed for each procedure. Detailed illustration is provided for every measurement tool, guiding you through the measurement step by step.

Touch Screen

Touch screen mode allows you to plan on Windows 7 & 8 touch displays, using multi-touch gestures. When a touch screen is connected, TraumaCad is automatically launched with a touch optimized user interface. Zoom and pan the image, select, rotate and adjust any object, change implant size, and perform measurements.

Pre-Surgical Reports

Automatically generate pre-surgical reports including patient images, implant information, measurements taken, and your comments. Report can be printed, saved locally or committed back to the PACS.

PACS Integration

Seamlessly integrated with virtually any PACS, TraumaCad can be integrated in the viewer or launched independently. Supporting the DICOM standard, TraumaCad enables query/retrieve and commit of images (X-ray or CT) from the local workstation or central PACS system.



Hip Knee Upper Limb
Foot & Ankle Pediatric Deformity
Trauma Spine 3D

Traumacad residents program


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